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Beastmode is the best Notion template on workout training

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You work out at the gym or at home

Looking for ways to organize your workouts

You use Notion or you plan to start using it

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The best athletes will tell you: anything that can be measured will improve. With the built-in progression system, simply log your performance and set goals to progress faster.Unleash the beast and take control of your workouts and progress.

Log your performance

You too? you never write down what you do during a workout? Yet it's crucial to track your results to keep track of what you're doing and improve what you can.On Beastmode, when you create a workout, you can fill in any information about the workout and come back to it whenever you want.

Included for your workouts : 
⚔ +180 illustrated exercises💢 +20 training techniques
💡 Execution tip⏳ Rest
🔷 Reps🔶 Sets
🧱 Load (lbs)🕐 Duration
🏆 Reps score📊 Effort note
💪 Muscle gain📝 Reporting and Stopwatch

Plan your success

There's no better way to motivate yourself and make progress than to set goals for your next workout.Create a workout tracker for each type of training in your program and assign an effort score for each exercise.With an effort score based on the RPE (Rating of Perceived Exertion) principle and associated with a goal: you always know what to do.

  • Note the effort you feel on each exercise.

  • Associate a goal for the next time.

  • Blast it 💥.


Also included

  • All future free updates

  • Priority integration of your feedback

  • Lifetime access

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Does Notion make you productive on a daily basis? Use its power for your sports training.

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  • Available on web browser, mobile and desktop app.

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